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Slide SEIMS, NIDS, NIPS and advance automation for your network or web application One in five (20%) small firms say a cyber-attack has been committed against their business in the two years to January 2019. More than seven million individual attacks are reported over the same period, equating to 9,741 incidents a day. ( Learn More 1 Consultation Our certified information security & governance consultants will either pay an onsite or remote visit to find out more about your requirements. 2 Vulnerability Assessment Once we gather your initial requirements, we shall connect our certified ethical hackers to asses your systems, applications or network for weaknesses. 3 Design & Implement Solutions Providing tailor made solutions based exactly on your needs, which can be scaled in future if needed.

Solutions to suit your business needs Audits & Pen Testing Applications are vulnerable, due to human element involvement. Analysing the source code for bugs, backdoor access, or other security breaches are vital for integrity & availability of your services & confidentiality of clients DATA. Learn How Mobile Device Management Whether your staff are brining their own devices or use company mobile phones, you ned to control and manage access to resources by smart devices, which enhances their productivity. Read More Application Security One of the most important layers, which normally is a gateway between clients & organisations, with enforcements such as GDPR, it is ever so important to ensure the security of your applications, avoiding hefty penalties & being compliant. Get in Touch Encrypted Communications Over IP Speed is the most convenient element in which we communicate, over the internet. However, using open source technologies & public telecommunication methods, shouldn't leave you susceptible to malicious interceptions. More Info Digital Transformation Today is easier than ever to setup & lunch your business ideas into tangible products, thanks to the power of Cloud Computing, Software or Platforms as Service(Saas, PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Nevertheless, securing these services are not always straightforward as their deployments. Latest Version Support & Maintenance Keeping all system and applications up to date, can be daunting task. OS updates or patches, version deviation control, VM sprawls or escapes, can be very costly, if not managed 7 maintained regularly. Our engineers offer remote or onsite support for your peace of mind. Learn More

Slide Affordable Security Solutions
for Small Businesses
Prices are examples for an small Business with 5-25 employees, without current specialist security mechanism or framework in place. Subject to change, based on requirements and other factors.
Consultation £ 195 per hour Requirements gathering Assets Identification Architecture & design check Technology & tools recommendation Inquire Now Most Popular Advance Consultation £ 295 per hour All options in Consultation Vulnerability assessment Penetration testing Code audits Inquire Now SECaaS Special £ 895 per month All options in both consultation Framework & policy creation Ongoing remote technical supervision Staff awareness meetings Inquire Now

Slide How to Identify a Social Engineer? "Social engineering is a manipulation technique that exploits human error to gain private information, access, or valuables. In cybercrime, these “human hacking” scams tend to lure unsuspecting users into exposing data, spreading malware infections, or giving access to restricted systems.
Attacks can happen online, in-person, and via other interactions. Scams based on social engineering are built around how people think and act. As such, social engineering attacks are especially useful for manipulating a user’s behaviour. Once an attacker understands what motivates a user’s actions, they can deceive and manipulate the user effectively". (Kaspersky)

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